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Removing Multiple Folders... Except One.

Reading time: about 1 minute

While doing a little work on my site this morning I needed to remove a bunch of folders from my Wordpress instance (I don’t like having all those themes kicking around needing updating).

I SSHed into my site and proceed to figure out how to go about it.

Testing Inherited Code Bases...

Reading time: about 1 minute

Recently I decided to have a stab at some open source development. I’ve forked a repo of a piece of software called jCodeCollector. A java code snippet manager. There are a few issues with the code base as it stands, a major one in my view is the lack of tests.

Building CEF From Source 2...

Reading time: less than 1 minute

I re set-up my source directories and CEF folder and it worked this time. I didn’t do much, I did however just manually create the iSimpleDom folder under:

Webkit and WinCE...

Reading time: less than 1 minute

There is a great quote by Shakespeare, from Hamlet where Ophelia is lamenting the Hamlet she once knew, the one before the terrible death of his father. It goes like this:

"Woe is me"

I have recently been tasked with dealing with porting a version of Webkit to WinCE. All I have to do is set up the toolchain, hit build and see what comes out the other side. And let me tell you right now, being on the other side of that build process is not a pleasant sight. Not a pleasant sight at all. :(

Coming Up for Air...

Reading time: about 2 minutes

Some time ago while mining for information about how I might improve my craft I stumbled onto a quote:

“Beware of a guy in a room”

To sum the idea up, it basically alludes to the idea that a developer who is cut off and work as thought the process is black magic is the worst kind of developer. I was impressed by this idea, long has there been a myth that programmers are solitary creatures that require only a computer, power and time to produce software. A relic of the past, but more than likely a romanticised Hollywood fallacy. It was a thought that has stuck with me and will continue to do so into the future.

Echo "Hello?"

Reading time: less than 1 minute

I have started this blog… like many others with the intention of writing about the many facets of my life. Be they work (programming/software development), creative (art, drawing, music) or opinion (politics, current affairs)… Of course I’ve made the classic mistake of starting this without any real content… but I’ll give it a blast.