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Friends and Links

The following are links to some friends/work colleagues websites and blogs. Why don’t you go check them out!

Felix Wunderlich

Felix is a programmer and good friend who is currently going solo making video games and who has a side line in blacksmithing (no kidding!). You can find all his fantastic games at his website http://felixwunderlichgames.com/.

Gerard Condon

I’ve worked with Gerard for a good few years now and learned a great deal from him. I definitely recommend reading his blog. There is lots of great resources on Objective C and JavaScript amount many other interesting topics.

Maksym Bykovskyy

I worked with Max for a few years and definietly recommend keeping an eye out for him! You can find him in a few places but his website is probably the best place to see what he’s up to.

James Sugrue

James was a work colleague of mine and has some excellent content on software architecture, JavaScript and a great book on BackboneJS. I highly recommend giving his blog a read.

Joey Tawadrous

I’ve only worked with Joey for a short while but can already tell he’s going to go far. If you wanna learn about Growth Hacking and some wicked stuff about developing on iOS his website is the place to go!