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Considering JavaFx for jCodeCollector...

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One of the things that bother me about JCC are the depencancies, in particular the depenancy on “MacWidgets”. This code base doesn’t seem like it is being actively developed, not to mention forcing the Mac style onto other operating systems is inappropriate to say the best. I do not appreciate an application casting it’s opinion on the OS I am using (it’s not a mac) and I don’t think Linux users would appriciate it that much either.

Anyway, I’ve taken some time off and one of the things I’ve been looking into is JavaFX, I’ve been following an excellent guide by “Marco Jakob” over at this site on creating a simple address book application using the technology.

What I like about JavaFX, what I’ve seen of it so far… is the kind of separation it is putting between your code base and the look and feel and flow of the application. It reminds me of .NET and WPF, which I think are kind of good technologies.