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Building CEF From Source...

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I’m working on building the chromium embedded framework at work. I am having extreme amounts of trouble with it. From reading the building instructions you’d think it was a very simple task.

Once you have a chromium build environment set-up (the hordes of libraries and tools installed and put in the right directories and masses of environmental variables) you are meant to use the depot tools to just grab the source, grab the CEF source and run two batch scripts. That is not what I’m seeing.

I have my environment set-up but it seems as though the visual studio project files are not being created correctly. There seems to be some sort of global_intermediate folder where iaccessible2 and isimpledom source files are meant to be located but they are nowhere to be found.

I did notice today that there was a random “build” folder with in the Debug/Release directory that when you drilled down contained some third party source, but not the source I was expected. Is something very amiss with these gyp files?